Monday, April 4, 2011

The joys of a new book release.

As Scarlet Masquerade gets closer to becoming a new release, we are confronted with the anxiety of whether the readers will love our new baby. Releasing a new books is always exciting, but it is also wrought with fear, anxiety and wonder. Will we succeed in entertaining the readers? Have we learned from our past mistakes? Can we meet that "demanding" reader's expectations?

So, we toss it in the wind and hope that it lands, takes root and grows. Since paranormals don't do as well as contemporary lesbian romances, we are under no illusions. We also changed editors for this book. She is a gem who was great to work with. The feedback from our beta readers has been great and gives us hope we are on the right track. So that said we leave it in the readers hands and hope they enjoy the new book as much as we do.

Sapphire Books Publishing