Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The tiring job of social media.

We all want our books to do well, but how do we achieve that. We socialize, not the usual kind where you have an adult beverage, now that might make this funner, but the kind where you spend endless hours online. If you are serious about getting your work out there and eyeballs on it, then you smooze with readers on facebook. You post on blogs, you respond to them, you post on Kindle-boards, and you whore your wares without really whoring your book. According to etiquette it must be done without being pushy, without being overt about your intent and without offending the list owner, the group moderator and the group members.

So if you like being glued to your computer, friending tons of people, and writing tons of emails then the new push towards social media is for you. If you want to write on the other hand, then it will be a delicate balance between the need to write and the necessity of self-promotion. But these are just my opinions and like a$$h)les, everyone has one and mine is no better than anyone's.

Best of luck to all those that write. May you find a good balance.

Jett Abbott
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