Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The tiring job of social media.

We all want our books to do well, but how do we achieve that. We socialize, not the usual kind where you have an adult beverage, now that might make this funner, but the kind where you spend endless hours online. If you are serious about getting your work out there and eyeballs on it, then you smooze with readers on facebook. You post on blogs, you respond to them, you post on Kindle-boards, and you whore your wares without really whoring your book. According to etiquette it must be done without being pushy, without being overt about your intent and without offending the list owner, the group moderator and the group members.

So if you like being glued to your computer, friending tons of people, and writing tons of emails then the new push towards social media is for you. If you want to write on the other hand, then it will be a delicate balance between the need to write and the necessity of self-promotion. But these are just my opinions and like a$$h)les, everyone has one and mine is no better than anyone's.

Best of luck to all those that write. May you find a good balance.

Jett Abbott
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Monday, April 4, 2011

The joys of a new book release.

As Scarlet Masquerade gets closer to becoming a new release, we are confronted with the anxiety of whether the readers will love our new baby. Releasing a new books is always exciting, but it is also wrought with fear, anxiety and wonder. Will we succeed in entertaining the readers? Have we learned from our past mistakes? Can we meet that "demanding" reader's expectations?

So, we toss it in the wind and hope that it lands, takes root and grows. Since paranormals don't do as well as contemporary lesbian romances, we are under no illusions. We also changed editors for this book. She is a gem who was great to work with. The feedback from our beta readers has been great and gives us hope we are on the right track. So that said we leave it in the readers hands and hope they enjoy the new book as much as we do.

Sapphire Books Publishing

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Its been a while!

We have a new book coming out, probably at the end of this month, called Scarlet Masquerade. Yes that is the old title over there in our bookshelf which means we will be changing the picture soon. The name change is due to a similar book coming out from another LGBT publisher. We didn't want to be confused or accused of copying them so it was easier to change it. We have posted the first three chapters on the website if you would like to read it. We are going to be post more to the blog so watch for new stuff as it becomes available.

Recently, we have seen a few neat writers tools. Here is one that everyone may have already, but it's still fun to share.


A fun little tool that tells you if your prose is weak, or your voice is passive, amongst other things. Have fun and edit away. Next week we'll post more delectable. Now go forth and have fun reading the first three chapters of Scarlet Masquerade.

Sapphire Books Publishing