Saturday, March 26, 2011

Its been a while!

We have a new book coming out, probably at the end of this month, called Scarlet Masquerade. Yes that is the old title over there in our bookshelf which means we will be changing the picture soon. The name change is due to a similar book coming out from another LGBT publisher. We didn't want to be confused or accused of copying them so it was easier to change it. We have posted the first three chapters on the website if you would like to read it. We are going to be post more to the blog so watch for new stuff as it becomes available.

Recently, we have seen a few neat writers tools. Here is one that everyone may have already, but it's still fun to share.

A fun little tool that tells you if your prose is weak, or your voice is passive, amongst other things. Have fun and edit away. Next week we'll post more delectable. Now go forth and have fun reading the first three chapters of Scarlet Masquerade.

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